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ASI SUP Cursussen

Op deze pagina komt belangrijke informatie over de ASI organisatie, hiermee zullen wij onze cursisten in 2022 de hoogst haalbare opleidingskwaliteit gaan bieden. Tevens geven wij hier uitleg over de certificeringen en visie. Zolang wij deze pagina nog niet geheel af hebben staat er informatie van ASI in het engels. De cursussen starten eind april, aanmelden en meer informatie kan via info@lieven.nl / 073-6131763.

All about the ASI organisation

ASI is the world's leading training and professional membership organization and international governing body for instructors, coaches and schools in the outdoor recreation industry for stand up paddle, surfing and bodyboarding.

ASI was established in 2003, and now operates in over 20 countries around the world.  ASI creates and sets the international standards and continuously investigates and researches industry practices and liaises with industry itself and government departments around the world, to ensure leading edge provision of education, accreditation, standards and safe practices.

ASI services:

  • Training:  we create and deliver industry specific skills training and instructor training courses. 
  • Business Accreditation:  we created the ASI school accreditation scheme where schools and activity centres can display the ASI accredited school logo as a mark of quality. 
  • Products:  we create and write industry specific publications.
  • Professional Membership:  we support Instructors and Schools to build a career in the industry, and business support to set up and run your own school  
  • International standard:  we created the international standard so instructors can work around the world 

If you want to learn for fun or want a career in the industry,  ASI can help you get there. 


We represent our instructors’ member interests by providing them with the resources to professionally and safely deliver activities - including leading edge training courses and career progression, standards guidance, qualifications, renewal and annual accreditation certificates.

We represent our schools member interests by providing them with the resources to professionally and safely operate a school / activity centre  - including comprehensive operational systems with written policies, procedures, risk management, safety and operational forms, insurance, access to the ASI Sports Wise training programs and manuals with educational pathways from beginner to elite level, marketing guidance and profile, annual auditing and accreditation certificates. 


Setting the world standard in stand up paddle education. 


Create and deliver high quality and relevant training programs, create and monitor safe operating standards, support the career and professional aspirations of our members and provide THE international standard that is recognized and consistent throughout the world.


ASI operates in over 20 countries around the world.  Our head office is in Bondi Beach Sydney Australia, with offices in UK, Portugal, USA, Bali and Philippines.    


Education and Training 
ASI is a dedicated training organisation, governed by Government education department criteria.  We are the only organisation in this industry to hold such recognition.  It means ASI programs are of the highest educational and safety standard worldwide. 

Professional Membership 
Through its professional membership division, ASI provides:

- auditing and annual renewal of members accreditation status  
- member benefits    
- advocacy, standards research and standards creation
- international recognition